Gabrielle D.

Gab -aka Ggold- has the distinction of being the creator of “LA VIE,” the all- important tool that keeps the studio’s proverbial train on the tracks.

Marilou R.

When Marilou joined Gimmick, everyone loved her right away. She is the life of the party and one of the founders of ''Les jeudis dangeureux'' (dangerous Thursdays). Fun fact, she grew up 3 houses away from her fellow Victoriaville colleague, the one and only Vervy; And we have strong suspicions they are blood-related :P

Francois D.

Johnny-come-lately Frank bungee jumped (sans cord) out of the pockets of Big Pharma and into the magical world of motion design. With an eye for sleek sedans, this guy has future G7 leader written all over him. He’s one of the rare folks at Gimmick you’ll find with a button-up shirt (not anymore...).

Benoit F.

The unicorn moments when this man goes cap-less reveal one magnificent head of hair. A hot-sauce guru and prince of hair-care pontification, Ben is nothing short of the creative brains behind Gimmick.


A semi-retired skateboarder from Victoriaville, Alex works wonders with keyframes. This AD Jedi is crazy about the Skittles served in the suites at the Bell Centre.


First individual to rep the beautiful country of Mexico in the team, Lulú is our Spanish personal teacher. She is ultra-talented yet so discreet and unpretentious. Her main challenge is to get used to minus 20 C temperature, but she’ll get there soon enough :)

Janick R.

Janick- a.k.a. Golden Lady has a perfect record at winning the art contests she enters - even when she doesn’t apply herself for the competition!! If she weren’t so sweet and humble, she’d probably run the city with her gold-headed Cane and oversize crown.

Camille B.

Born, raised, and still living in beautiful Quebec city, Camille is the team's new baby rookie. Filled with talent, the only downside we can think of is her being too young to get in the bars legally for our traditional Burlington offsite bar hopping. Fake ID. Anyone?


To be added shortly.

Laurence-Anne D.

Released from her 3 years duty up in Saguenay, L-A. is the third one from the infamous ATM school to join the clan. There is only one word to describe her attitude, potential and dance moves : Exceptional!

Alex D.

Straight outta Paris, Alex is ''zee'' new magician in town. Aside from his wizardry, he brings talent and expertise to the crew. Pouf! Magic!

Felipe D.

Felipe is our brother from another city. He’s been a Coup de Coeur at the studio since our first collaboration, and we can’t wait to have the opportunity to drink a beer with him in person. A wild rumor at the office says he’s taller than Ben, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Gab D.

That man is exceptional! He started off as the shy teenager-looking rookie and bloomed to become the master of the parties in no time. To feed his fast-learning & quick computing brain, Gab needs a massive dose of candies, chocolate, cakes, snacks and .......oatmeal every day. Oh, and you should see his calves. Damnnnn!!

Coco Q-V.

Coco is not very good with After Effect & C4D, she's not the most hard-working member of Gimmick (she actually sleeps most of the day), she is far from being a potential Nobel prize winner (we are still looking for the little light in her eyes), and quite frankly her hygiene is disgusting (she is 90% fart & 10% dog)...BUT oh god, we LOOOOVVEE her. She's been our MVP since day one!


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