What we stand for and work toward

  • Gender equality in the team
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Equal rights & wages for everyone at the studio
  • Respect & integrity
  • Offering a great place to work
  • Having a positive impact on our society

Pro-bono and/or reduced rate initiatives (including but not limited to):

  • Several LGBTQIA+ support initiatives
  • Women Shelters (Le Chaînon)
  • Foundation helping the most vulnerable youths (Show du refuge)
  • Women in governance
  • School breakfast & Fighting food insecurity (Breakfast Club of Canada)
  • Title sequence for LGBTQIA+ TV show
  • Accelerator for women’s promotion in the workplace & female-led start-ups
  • Hospital-based foundation for research against Cancer
  • Children theater
  • Theater Programming (TNM)
  • Many more


If you want to join the team or have a project aligned with our support guidelines —> info@gimmickstudio.ca